Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life in The Sandbox Take Two

First of all, I'd like to start by saying I am completely aware of my failure to fulfill my commitment of blogging more this year that I did last year. I totally thought I would have a less eventful year this year and be able to focus more on personal things. I was completely wrong! Not only have I been super busy socially, I am making a conscious effort to have healthier sleep habits, I've become more active in different committees at work, and I've joined a gym. With that being said, please bare with me. I'll blog as much as I can, but it won't be as much as I originally anticipated.

So to answer the burning question, yes. My life in Kuwait is still wonderful. I've had a few hurdles to jump this year already, but overall its coming together quite nicely. My car isn't functional at the moment, I live 25 minutes from downtown, I've experienced two flat tires, I hardly see my friends from last year, I live where they build buildings before roads and sewage/water lines, I got stranded on a balcony, my massive effort to get my diploma certified this summer was for nothing, I have massive roaches, sometimes my electricity goes out, it isn't uncommon to run out of water in my apartment, and the closest shawarma stand is...who knows. I haven't seen one in my hood. But, with all of that happening, I still have a smile on my face all of the time. I still love living here. I still love the people, lifestyle, weather, travel opportunities and kids.

When I first got here, I tried to continue the same routine I had last year. Go to work, spend the entire rest of my time with my friends, deprive myself of sleep and start all over again. I was getting so frustrated. Why couldn't I just do what had made me so happy last year? Before I left the states, I wrote a blog about how this year I'm not going to make countdowns, time limits or live by a check list. I genuinely meant that, but I don't think I really knew how much I would really follow that commitment. Living so far away from everyone has really made me focus more on my career. I've always said I work to live, and I'll never live to work. I've always just looked at work as something I do during the day and I completely leave my work at work. This year has been so much different. I'm not sure if it's the 3 classes a day, the block schedule, the awesome positive energy, the coffee club, the amazing students, or living so far away from anyone that I can't even fathom doing anything during the week. Either way, I've been forced to commit to this new lifestyle. I hardly look at the clock. I enjoy being at work and I never have a dull moment. I helps that I'm being more than just a teacher at work. I've been more involved outside of the classroom, which is super fun! I'm also pretty happy to be teaching Chemistry only again.

Today I had a kid ask me why I don't have a clock in my room. My response: "What is time, but a number?" He liked that answer. It was mostly a sarcastic answer, but there's some truth in it. When I first started traveling last year, I started dealing with so many different currencies. It made me start thinking, "What is money, but a currency?" The more currencies I accumulated, the more I felt like I was playing monopoly. That's kind of how I feel about time right now. Jumping from time zone to time zone has just made me realize that it doesn't matter the hour you do something. What matters is what you're doing with the time you have. Are you living for the moment, or trying to conform to what society is telling you to do at that moment. Take advantage of your surroundings while you have them. I'm in Kuwait in a Chemistry classroom with 25 kids. I'll take advantage of that and use what I have to show them as much as I can with the time I have. Eight months from now, I wont have them. So, I'm going to add to my last post. Not only will I not dwell on countdowns and lists, but I'm going to take advantage of the situation I've been given. I'll always be 100% there. Whether I'm in the classroom, at dinner with friends, somewhere in Europe hiking across the continent, or in an aerobics class at The Palms, im 100% there. Who knows when I will be stripped of these opportunities?

So...for today, I have open house and then quality time with friends. I'll be there 100%. :)

I'd upload pictures, but I've been told that's not allowed because of the limited bandwidth at school. I'll post later...inshallah. :)

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